Grain production


main cereal used to produce flour, bakery wares and fodder


used for animal feed, also a substantial part of the grain serves for the production of malt, beer and various processed products.


food crop used for the production of bread.


artificially created hybrid between wheat and rye Mainly used for the production of fodder.


an important crop used for grain, silage and green fodder, as well as in the food industry.


oilseed crop. Its main applications are for the production of rapeseed oil, biodiesel as an ingredient in various technical oils, medical and cosmetic products, etc.


oilseed crop. Sunflower has high nutritional value and good taste. It is composed mainly of unsaturated fatty acids - linoleic (50-65%) and oleic (25-40%). In addition to food products, sunflower is also included in the main feed.


non-perennial crop from the Leguminosae family. A well-known fact is that it is a valuable oil crop and a rich source of protein in human food and feed for domestic animals.


a herbaceous spring plant. A home-grown food culture all over the world.


a plant of the Leguminosae family representing a bush reaching a height of up to 50 cm. Used in the food industry.